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Acoustical Surfaces Incorporated is a world leader in providing acoustical and soundproofing products for all types of applications and situations.

  • Noise Control

  • Soundproofing & Acoustical Products

  • Commercial, Industrial, Educational

  • Healthcare, Office, Retail Spaces

  • House of Worship, Pro Audio, Home Theater

  • OEM Applications

  • Residential – New Construction & Retro-fit

  • Acoustical Planning & Design

  • Sustainable/Renewable/LEED Contributing

  • Full Line of Custom Products

Superior Product Selection

Acoustical Surfaces Inc. strives to be the one-stop shop for anything and everything dealing with acoustics and soundproofing products. Our goal is to offer not only friendly and knowledgeable support but multiple product options for most acoustical and soundproofing application. We appreciate the ability to listen to your description of the situation you are experiencing and offer a solution or solutions that are tailored to the nature of the problem. Our goal is to provide superior products and services at the best price with the shortest lead times.


Acoustical Surfaces Inc. offers many services including acoustical design, wall/ceiling/floor construction details, general acoustical/soundproofing consultation, site visits and evaluations, site measurements of dB levels, STC/NRC field testing, studio design and consultation, and much more.


Our customers range from everyday homeowners looking to quiet down an area of their home to some of the most high profile builders and architects in the country and around the world. We are happy to help people in all situations to find the correct product(s) for each application. Visit our website to read through some of our customer testimonials and case studies.

For further details, please contact us at 1-800-854-2948 or sales@acousticalsurfaces.com

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QRDc is a research and development company specializing in Energy Flow Control and Energy Efficiency. We provide technologies and consulting for:

  • Noise & Vibration Control and Reduction

  • Energy-efficient Vibrating Machinery

  • Renewable Energy Systems

Energy Management

QRDc’s Vibration Control by Confinement™ approach to noise and vibration management is a groundbreaking technique that fundamentally changes how the negative effects of excess noise and vibration energies are viewed.

Energy Efficiency

Our Energy Flow Control (EFC™) methods improve a system’s sound transmission and vibration characteristics more elegantly than conventional reactive solutions. It is a novel technique for improving mechanical and electrical efficiency.

Renewable Energy

QRDc is currently working with its partner SheerWind, Inc. on large-scale prototypes for continued development, implementation, and testing of breakthrough technologies in renewable energy.

Brief Overview

QRDc has offered comprehensive consultation services in the areas of noise/vibration/shock reduction and testing for commercial industries and the U.S. government since 1992. QRDc partners with customers to find cost-effective, high-performance solutions from conception through to implementation. Our capabilities include conceptual and physical design, computer modeling and simulation, prototype development, and testing and analysis.

QRDc also offers on-site measurement and testing, tailored technical training, and program development.


QRDc services a range of industries including but not limited to manufacturing, assembly and processing, technological development and deployment, building structures, training and education, healthcare, product design, prototyping, and research.

For further details or contact information, please refer to our website and www.qrdc.com.

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