Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Remote Sound Testing Kit?

This system is a service and a machine that are sent to the site in place of a highly-paid acoustical consultant. The goal of the system is to allow our technology and extremely simple directions to save you the money normally spent on a site visit by an acoustical consultant. With our system and device, you record the data and send it back to us to be analyzed. We will provide you with an analysis, a report, and a plan to fix the problem with proven acoustical products, a quote for the products as well as samples of the proposed surfaces to be installed. We will adhere strictly to our timeline and attention to detail and provide you with the best service and information possible.

Is it Difficult to Use or Operate the Machine?

Quite simply, no. This machine is extremely easy to use, but to be absolutely sure that everyone understands how to use the machine before the service is purchased, we have produced a video showing how to use the machine and how to take and record measurements. For step-by-step written instructions, check out our instructions page.

How Do I Know This Will Work?

Acoustics and sound has been studied for years and is relatively well understood. Programmers have written complex computer models that allow us to digitally build a room if we are provided with the dimensions and surfaces within that room. By digitally inputting the information provided by our data collection device, we can digitally simulate the sound pressure in the room accurately. After we have built the room and digitally replicated the sound pressure in the room, we can digitally install various materials and products to achieve a desired result. The approach, location and products can be changed quickly and easily. Because of the physics involved, and because the digitally installed material has been extensively tested, the results generated in the simulation will yield the accurate results.

What Will I Get at the End of The Process? (What am I Paying For?)

At the end of the process, you will be sent a report which will show the digital model of the room with the noise problem, the digital model of the room showing the areas and quantity of the acoustical material that was introduced into the room to achieve the result, as well as samples of these materials. For an example of a report that has been previously created, you can find this report under our case studies.

How Do I Know This Will Be Valid?

The validity of our result is going to be directly related to the validity of the information that we are provided. If accurate data is gathered, accurate data is guaranteed to be developed by the simulation. Acoustics, including sound pressure, reverberation characteristics and absorption are dictated by physics, and the simulation algorithm is proven and reliable. The only cause for an invalid report is if the data that is collected is invalid, so our report will be valid as long as that data that you collect is accurate and represents your environment.

How Will I Know Where to Take The Measurements and How Long Do I Record?

Based on the information that you provide to us about your room or situation (pictures, video, description, etc.), as well as any noted areas of concern, our engineers will clearly indicate where measurements are to be taken. These engineers have been in the field and taken thousands of field measurements and are very familiar with locations relative to noise sources. You will be given a modified copy of your sketch, blueprint, or floor plan which will clearly indicate all areas where measurements will be taken. If, at any time, you have questions about what to do or where, please Contact Us.

What Are the Benefits of This Service?

The benefits of this system are quite simple; the main benefit being value. You will be given the same report as if one of our professionals traveled to the site and took the measurements without having to pay for any of the costs associated with travel. If required, we can expedite shipping of a machine to you.

Another large benefit of this service is that you are not only paying for a high quality report, but you are given a quote for the products to fix the problem, samples of the surface(s) in question and a point of contact at a company that provides the product(s). Most acoustical reports stop at the report and it is up to you to not only find and source the material, but there is no guarantee that they will achieve the desired results.

Will I Be Able to Understand the Report?

We have done everything necessary to transform a very significant amount of complicated information into simple and easy to understand report. But, if you have any trouble understanding any of the information provided, please feel free to contact us at any time. An example report of both the synopsis and full report can be found in the Case Studies.

What if I Don’t Like the Results?

We are going to use the model and data gathered by the RTSK to predict the closest possible rendering of what is going to happen in the “real world” and can not control whether or not the end result will be well received. There is a direct relationship between the size (cubic volume) of a room, the surfaces within the room, the types of sounds that are problematic and the amount and type of product required to fix the problem. It is common that the larger the room, the more expensive an effective solution becomes.

What if I Damage the Machine?

Although we have not encountered this yet, if for some reason you damage the RTSK, the damage deposit provided will not be credited and will be used to replace the machine. We will be insuring the delivery and return shipping for the full replacement cost so that if the machine is damaged in transit you will not be responsible. The machine will be shipped in a case more than appropriate for safe transit, but if the machine arrives at your location and the shipping package has been damaged, pull out your camera-phone or digital camera and document the condition so that our claim with UPS has supporting data and call us immediately.

What if We Strongly Feel That Someone REALLY Needs To Be Here To Understand Our Situation?

We will be the first to acknowledge that the Remote Sound Testing Kit is not feasible for all situations, but we strongly believe that we can gather enough valid information to be able to accurately model and predict results. If you would like one of our engineers to come to your site to experience the situation first hand and gather the data, we can absolutely arrange this. The fees associated with a site visit are developed on a case-by-case basis, so please call for more information.

What if the Noise Sources in My Space is Constantly Changing?

Well, for the services provided, the cost associated will cover building one model – but if you would like to pay us for multiple models, we have no problem modeling more than one situation. We expect that in most cases the noise sources will be fairly constant, but the question was asked so we thought we would answer it.

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