Information We Will Need From You

Since we will not be on site to take the measurements, and absorb the information offered by the environment, the more information you can provide us, the better. We would rather be provided with too much information than not enough. Most of this information is going to be requested in the forms that you will be asked to submit, but here is a general list so you get the idea. There will probably be a bit of site-specific information we will request on a per-job basis to adapt for different situations, but below is an example of some basic information we will request from you. See also Case Studies.

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General Contact Info
  • Company Name

  • Company Address

  • Contact Name

  • Contact Phone

  • Contact E-mail

  • Project Name (if applicable)

Room Information
  • Height
    (If the ceiling is peaked, height of walls and height at peak)

  • Width

  • Depth

Room Surfaces (Material & Construction)
  • Ceiling

  • Floor

  • North Wall

  • South Wall

  • East Wall

  • West Wall

Room Floor Plan
  • Sketch

  • Current Blueprints

  • CAD Rendering of Room (Electronic File is Preferred)

Indicators of Areas of Concern and a Brief Description of Each
Indicators of Employee Work or Station Locations (if applicable)
Photos of the Room - Noting Orientation (North, South, East, West)
  • 2-4 Photos or videos of each area of concern

  • 2-4 Photos or videos of each noise source of concern

Description of the Problem
Any Previously Measured Data
Any Acoustical Material Already Installed
  • Specifications or Description

  • Product Size(s)

  • Product Location(s)

Notes or Other Areas of Concern

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