Getting Started

We would like to disclose that ASI is promoting the sale and use of ASI’s full line of soundproofing and acoustical products. The intent of this service is to offer you the acoustical consulting as well as the product to produce a desired outcome.

The Process

The Diagnoise process would typically go as follows:

  1. You contact us to request our service.

  2. We review your situaton and determine whether or not the system is applicable.

  3. Once we determine that the system is applicable, you pay a deposit/down payment of $595.00.

  4. We develop a detailed plan to help you collect data at your site.

  5. We ship you the data collector, with a prepaid shiping label for its return.

  6. Following the detailed plan, you collect and record the data. When finished, you ship the collector back to us.

  7. We perform a data analysis from your collected data.

  8. A computer model of your site will be built.

  9. We will digitally add product into the computer model of your site to fix the problem.

  10. We will generate a detailed report (see report example).

  11. We will send you the report summary, a quote, and samples of the products recommended to fix the problem.

  12. When quoted products are purchased, you will receive the following:

Other Options

Basic Report

$595 – Our basic report will include a cover page, the report summary, a quote and specification page for the products. (see basic report example). We will also send sampels for the materials needed to achieve the modeled results.

Full Report

$2,595 – If you would like the full report (see full report example) prior to purchasing the recommended products to achieve modeled result, a $2,595 fee would apply. If you choose to purchase the products in the future, we will give you a credit of $2,595 toward the purchase of the product. This offer is valid for up to 6 months from the date that the full report is received.

If you elect not to purchase material from ASI, then the $2,595 is the fee for the acoustical analysis and no credits will be issued.

Validation Report

$595 – If you would like a validation report (see validation report example), a fee of $595 would apply to this service. The intent of the validation report is to collect and record actual sound pressure data at each collection point after the products have been installed into the space. The order of events will be identical to the initial data collection process.

Disclaimer: ASI promotes and recommends the use of ASI products through this service. All credits are subject to a $10,000 minimum product purchase, excluding freight and tax.

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