System Overview

How Does This Work? What Is The Order of Events?

It is important to understand what type of environments and/or situations that this type of system is designed for. Below you will find a set of criteria that customers must meet to pre-qualify for this system and service. If you are experiencing a situation or, if you have a room that is close, please call us to discuss the situation. Extenuating circumstances may apply.

General Customer Requirements

  1. Type Of Location: Manufacturing plant, industrial building, large retail, etc.

  2. Square Footage: ~5,000 square feet and above

  3. Estimated Budget: $10,000 to spend on product to achieve desired/needed results

Order of Events For The Service

  1. We will need the customer information PDF Icon document(s) completed and returned with the requested information.

  2. Our team will meet to determine the feasibility of your project based on the information you have provided.

  3. If your location meets our criteria, we will contact you and ask how you would like to pay for the service.

  4. We will draft a detailed plan for you to follow to gather the data.

  5. The data analyzer and plan will be sent to you via UPS ground (unless expedited shipping is requested; additional costs will apply).

  6. We will ask that you follow the plan to collect data at all applicable locations.

  7. The data collector is returned to Remote Sound Testing via UPS (a pre-paid label will be provided).

  8. Our engineers will extract and validate the data. Your room will be modeled and the recorded noise problem will be digitally introduced.

  9. The Remote Sound Testing team will meet to discuss the nature of the situation and determine the best product (and quantity) for you.

  10. Our products will be digitally installed into the simulation model to achieve a desired result.

  11. A report will be generated. (Synopsis or Full depending on the service you need.)

  12. We will present you with the report detailing the predicted before- and after-treatment sound pressure levels as well as a quote and samples for the product that was digitally introduced to achieve the modeled results.

  13. If the quoted products are purchased, the cost for the service will be refunded to you.

  14. The products will be shipped to you.

  15. We would greatly appreciate the chance to have a follow-up conversation with you to get some feedback as to the service, the product and the change in the sound pressure in the room.

  16. If required, a performance study will be conducted.

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